Hurricanes, two world wars, and the worst man-made disaster in American history... through it all Del Papa Distributing has experienced a lot and always been ready to come to the aid of those stricken or less fortunate. The company has a long-standing tradition of helping the community through the many challenges that have arisen. We take great pride in the part we have played in helping shape our communities through our commitment to various civic and charitable endeavors.

From blood drives to programs benefitting our military to disaster relief, Del Papa Distributing has always gotten involved. The company’s history of community involvement can be traced back to at least 1947, the year of the infamous Texas City explosion, when Texas City was almost totally devastated and more than 600 people lost their lives when two fertilizer-laden ships exploded in the port. Omero Del Papa, Sr. provided greatly needed water to assist with the immediate necessity for basic life-sustaining resources, plus he donated money to help with the overall recovery effort.

Since 1910 more than 40 hurricanes have hit the Texas coast. Del Papa Distributing and Anheuser-Busch have always worked together to supply the community and employees with water and other basic necessities. The most current examples are when hurricane Rita struck the upper Texas coast in 2005 and hurricane Ike hit Galveston in 2008. In both instances, not only did the company provide much-needed water to area communities, but meals and lodging were also provided to employees in need of such.

Since 2001 Del Papa has hosted numerous blood drives in the community. The company hosts a special blood drive in remembrance of Patriot’s Day titled, "This Blood’s For You" on September 11th every year. More than 4000 pints of blood have been donated since 2001 from Del Papa-sponsored blood drives.

In 2009 the company introduced the GI Joe/GI Jane Holiday care package project. Employees and the community donate, prepare, and ship much-needed care packages to our dedicated military personnel based overseas to arrive just in time for the holidays.

In 2011 Del Papa Distributing and its employees embarked upon a new community service project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. The company provides a monetary donation to Habitat for Humanity and employees donate their time to help build a home for a family who likely would not be able to own a home without such assistance. Employees from across the company pitch in to help build homes for families in all three geographical areas where distribution centers are located.